Worker's Resort


Are “offices” necessary?

Thanks to advancing technology combined with diversified working styles and talents, many of us can now work from anywhere.

Stressful commuting, inefficient office spaces, rent and maintenance costs to be paid…

Do we really need an “office”?

The value expected of an office has changed significantly. Companies now need to create places and opportunities that are irreplaceable.

Our title includes Resort, a word that has the meaning of “a destination where people gather,” “recourse,” and “a frequently visited place.”

Just as resorts and tourist destinations pursue customer satisfaction, an office must increase worker engagement. We believe that companies will have the responsibility to consistently provide a place that is frequented and relied upon by people whenever necessary.

It is said that we spend around 100,000 hours of our life at work. At this site, we aim to deliver information that will lead to the realization of a Worker’s Resort and happiness, while also encompassing forward-thinking offices, the people who work there, and corporate cultures.