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Kazumasa IkomaWhile working as an office manager in San Francisco, he posted numerous articles about the office designs, corporate cultures, and working styles on the West Coast. He researches what constitutes comfortable offices for companies and employees every day and puts his ideas into practice at his company.

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    [June 02, 2020]

    The Appeal of a Real Conference and What Cannot be Obtained Via Web Conferences

    Dr. Shogo Tanaka, a professor at the Center for Liberal Arts at Tokai University explains about the impact of non-verbal…


    [April 14, 2020]

    6 Rules for Full-Scale Implementation of Remote Work

    As more and more companies are implementing full remote work now, we organize the 6 rules that are necessary for efficie…


    [March 03, 2020]

    Fringe81: Where Startup Is the Pursuit of Uniqueness in the Office Where Management Is Committed

    The CEO of Fringe81, Yuzuru Tanaka spoked on how he cares office design as a business owner.


    [February 04, 2020]

    Satisfaction Guaranteed: The Reason Why the Spatial Design of Sensei Office is Popular Among Teachers

    This is an overview of the Sensei Office, which has reformed the working style of teachers and has gained a great deal o…


    [January 23, 2020]

    Silicon Valley’s Office Experts Talk 2019 Trends – WORKTECH SF Event Report

    This article covers some of the tips discussed in WORKTECH SF19, where the workplace experts gathered with the latest wo…


    [January 07, 2020]

    A Proposal From NEW STANDARD: Making Employees Want to Come to the Office

    Introducing the unique values of workplace considered by NEW STANDARD. They received a hint from OMO.


    [October 15, 2019]

    Learning from Berlin – Community Building Hints from Berlin’s Two Largest Communities

    What kind of community formation will encourage learning and stimulation among its members? We interviewed experts from …


    [September 18, 2019]

    Learning from Berlin – How to Create an Innovative Community

    “What kind of community formation encourages members to learn and be stimulated?" To discuss with the theme, we will tou…


    [August 27, 2019]

    Switching Gears at Work with the Sense of Smell – Interview with AROMASTIC (TM) developer Shuji Fujita

    A personal aroma diffuser born from Sony "AROMASTIC" will help you switch gears, moods, or duties at work.