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Kazumasa IkomaWhile working as an office manager in San Francisco, he posted numerous articles about the office designs, corporate cultures, and working styles on the West Coast. He researches what constitutes comfortable offices for companies and employees every day and puts his ideas into practice at his company.


    [August 27, 2019]

    Switching Gears at Work with the Sense of Smell – Interview with AROMASTIC (TM) developer Shuji Fujita

    A personal aroma diffuser born from Sony "AROMASTIC" will help you switch gears, moods, or duties at work.


    [August 13, 2019]

    COMORE BIZ Talks: Learn how to interact with nature with biophilic office design

    "What is the true meaning and value of a green office?" Ryuichi Iwatsuki, Executive Vice President of COMORE BIZ respond…


    [July 02, 2019]

    A Third City of Entrepreneurs: The workplace revolution of Los Angeles

    Unwired finally hosted the first WORKTECH event in the third city of innovators in the US, Los Angeles. Let's have a loo…


    [October 03, 2017]

    Will Japan embrace West Coast offices? The example of UNIQLO CITY TOKYO

    This article looks at the issues around importing the West Coast style to Japan from the perspective of the UNIQLO offic…


    [September 12, 2017]

    Steve Jobs poured his imagination into the Pixar office

    This article looks at the ingenious solution to collaboration that the pioneering Steve Jobs put into practice at the Pi…

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    [August 10, 2017]

    Seth Hanley Interview #3: Remote work is a reality but the office will survive

    The final article based on the interview with Seth Hanley focuses on the value of the office, which is under review amid…

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    [August 08, 2017]

    Seth Hanley Interview #2: Unpacking the research powers behind Blitz designs

    Office designs by Design Blitz are highly acclaimed in San Francisco. The company’s thorough research is reflected in th…

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    [July 27, 2017]

    Seth Hanley Interview #1: A small office with major clout—A close look at Design Blitz

    Today we interview Seth Hanley, Principal and Creative Director at Design Blitz in San Francisco, about the projects tha…

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    [June 27, 2017]

    Primo Orpilla Interview #3: The workplace is undergoing constant change

    In the final interview with Primo Orpilla, co-founder of Studio O+A, we delve into his thoughts on the office of the fut…