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Shinji InedaWhile working as an executive officer in the design division at FRONTIER CONSULTING, he provides to companies and people information about the office environments and working styles mainly on the West Coast from the U.S. branch office.


    [March 31, 2021]

    The Changing Post-Pandemic Attitudes of Japanese Workers

    Focusing on the findings of a 2020 survey of Japanese work styles, this article shares emerging work styles and the cond…


    [May 12, 2020]

    5 Factors That Affect Companies Switching to Remote Work

    This article clarifies the 5 limitations that prevent the introduction of telework with a focus on mobility.


    [February 19, 2018]

    Hints on how small and medium-sized office buildings in Japan can survive and be put to better use, following the example of building services and corporate campuses in the US

    A great many large office buildings are due to be completed in Greater Tokyo over the next two years, from 2018 to 2020.…


    [October 11, 2017]

    A modern Mt. Koya discovers the potential beyond concentration: The JINS Think Lab Project

    Since the announcement, the JINS Think Lab has been discussed in the media. The article explores a workspace that is foc…

  5. STYLE

    [July 07, 2017]

    A visit to the New York office of Nulab, the start-up with roots in Fukuoka

    I visited the Nulab office in New York, which is an important hub for opening up overseas markets, and spoke to local Ja…