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Wilmer BalmocenaWilmer has been a resident in the San Francisco Bay Area for over fifteen years and has an extensive background in Business Operations and Office Management that gives him a fresh perspective on various topics. As the Operations Manager at btrax, an experience design agency in San Francisco, he is passionate about understanding what motivates businesses and individuals to succeed and excel.


    [December 26, 2018]

    Elements of LGBTQ-Inclusive Environments in Global Companies

    There’s are many elements that companies must put in place when trying to create an LGBTQ Inclusive workplace. Here are …


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    Urban-Tech: Its Impact on Cities and Their Workforce

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    [November 27, 2018]

    How LGBTQ Inclusion Benefits Businesses

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    [November 15, 2018]

    Industrious Coworking Space Brings Hospitality Service to San Francisco

    Industrious coworking space opens its first location in San Francisco and hopes to bring its service-driven offering to …


    [October 30, 2018]

    Great Innovation Lives in Historic Building – Focus Innovation Studio

    FOCUS Innovation Studio's history influences innovation throughout it's co-workspace. A unique place that is rich in his…