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What’s expected at WORKTECH19 Los Angeles and New York Conferences

[April 29, 2019] BY Alexandria Hill

There has been a surge in workplace-related tech events such as NeoCon in June, but the Unwired Ventures Ltd. (UK) sponsored WORKTECH conference is proving to be one of the most comprehensive international workplace conferences. WORKTECH covers all aspects of workplace styles, environments, and conditions in a tech-focused global setting. This year’s coverage will focus on events @WORKTECH19 Los Angeles in Los Angeles, California on May 1 (Wed) and @WORKTECH19 New York in New York City on May 9 (Thurs).


Launching in 2011 In Singapore and expanding to over 10 international locations, the WORKTECH conferences allow workers and policymakers in technology, Human Resources, design, innovation, and more to meet with industry leaders and trendsetters to exchange ideas, trends, and knowledge. Topics at last year’s WORKTECH18 series in the U.S. was strongly focused on workplace real estate design and technology.

With 2019 being the first time for LA to host a WORKTECH event, the lineup for topics and speakers feature more discussion on how humans and employees interact and are affected by new design and technology.

A Look Back: WORKTECH18 in Summary

A majority of the international WORKTECH conferences in 2018 centered on workplace design and various moods of implementation. The Singapore conference ultimately focused on designing for the future of humans. Creating a blend of culture, technology, and space in one perfectly balanced recipe. WORKTECH Academy notes some factors that attribute to the success of a workplace. For example, Iolanda Meehan of Veldhoen + Company discussed changing leadership to address any human resource and office dynamic, or culture, issues with a process called “BRAVING” the relationship of workmates to enhance the environment. BRAVING addresses Boundaries, Reliability, Accountability, Vault, Integrity, Non-judgement, Generosity and assuming good intentions.

Other industry leaders tackled the question of how automation and A.I. will affect workers. Andres Ortola, Director of Enterprise Commercial at Microsoft Singapore, reminded audiences that having the right tools creates the perfect environment because technology advances are not just about wires and networks, but also about people.

San Francisco’s WORKTECH18 raised several questions on technology and humans when designing space by going back to basics: leadership structure, emotional support of employees, creating truly engaging company workspaces and cultures and redesigning the physical workspace.

Stuart Mangrum, Education Director of the Burning Man Project, revisits the idea of less hierarchy in the leadership model to create a family-like structure that relies on emotional intelligence and shared values.

The panel titled Design with the Work Experience in Mind led engaging talks on creating a truly engaging workspace and company culture from replanning and updating city infrastructure to encourage more close-knit working communities to office design practices to maximize and retain business. This was supported by the Director of End User Marketing, Office & Industry at Signify, Ujjaini Dasgupta, who spoke on how technology down to lighting can help foster a more engaging and communicative work culture.

Perhaps one of the most straight forward discussions about the future of technology at work was on using data to optimize physical working spaces for employees. The panel led by workplace industry leaders discussed using quantitative data to create mathematical data-driven solutions to optimizing space. In the story of eBay, however, they used data to transform their workplace into a work experience that not only brought the brand to life but also invited innovation and talent amongst new and senior employees alike.

A variety of topics and approaches were talked about during last year’s WORKTECH events. So, just what kind of topics can we expect to learn about this year?

A New Location: WORKTECH LA

Previous years of WORKTECH on the west coast has traditionally only occurred in San Francisco, 2019 will see the event open a new location in Los Angeles. As California has become an international leader in tech and workplace studies, the demand for more conversations on employees and workplace policies in California has led to WORKTECH19 Los Angeles.

There will be a real focus on the future of employee welfare in the workplace. Including conversations on how human work environments are affected by A.I. and how humans can flourish with the inclusion of A.I. by Second Home Co-Founder, Rohan Silva. CEO of UNWORK and partner of Unwired, Philip Ross, discusses how to embrace A.I. to expand employee and consumer experience.

The focus of employee satisfaction and wellbeing continues with conversations on topics such as the impact of space and how we relate to particular environments by well known Workplace Designer Kelly Robinson, and how businesses focused on the mental wellness of its employees using mindfulness meditation may be the answer for better performance and happiness for employees.


Ten Years in NYC

WORKTECH in New York celebrates its 10th Anniversary this year. Their goal to create a richer program and experience for all attendees with more speakers, more opportunities to network with senior professionals, and a variety of topics focused on the future of the workplace. WORKTECH19 New York themes include more human-focused talks including the markets in New York, the experience economy, designing for digital, the future of human and machine collaboration and more.

Highlighting talks this year is 10 by 10: a Decade of WorkTech NYC, a look back on the past 10 years of WORKTECH in NYC and what the future holds for them now. The talk will be led by a panel of industry leaders in innovation, management, and design for the workplace and beyond. Due to the size of the event, Unwired Ventures will be streaming several talks to reach a wider audience this year.


As technology advances, A.I. improves, and real estate becomes more innovative the need for open international forum conversations between industry leaders and newcomers are needed. With themes this year tackling human response to technology as a focus, 2019 is shaping up to be an exciting year for the WORKTECH conference.

Worker’s Resort will be providing updates from WORKTECH19 LA and WORKTECH19 NYC events soon.

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