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The Purpose Group – An Open Village with Purpose

[August 28, 2018] BY Bùi Minh Phương

Located on the 21st floor of Pearl Plaza, The Purpose Group office is a source of inspiration thanks to its traditional yet modern Vietnamese village design.

Established in 2013, The Purpose Group takes its name very seriously and seeks to bring to life the ‘purpose’ of brands in a positive meaningful way through the communication products they create. To date, Purpose has proudly partnered with its Clients to build purposeful brands of Budweiser, Beck’s Ice, The Coffee House, PNJ Silver, FPT Retail, and many other local and foreign brands.

An Iconic Vietnamese Village 

As when building brands, The Purpose Group injected intent, or ‘purpose’, in every little detail when building their office. Based on the concept of ‘an iconic Vietnamese village’, The Purpose Group aimed to create ‘a land to seed great ideas and nourish brands with impactful creative products and insightful cultural accents.’

Symbolic Vietnamese village elements can be seen integrated throughout the office – Along a village road you will always see wooden roof houses characteristic of traditional Vietnamese villages. The trusses covering the roof and walls seem random but in fact is intentional and support the entire structure of the Purpose Village.

Wooden roof trusses – A special feature of a traditional Vietnamese village

You will also find straw haystacks, a fish pond, and a grove of trees that invite you to reminisce the peaceful atmosphere of a traditional Vietnamese village.

Straw haystack you would find on a roadside in a traditional Vietnamese village.

The design idea cultivates ‘Unifying Villagers’. So irrespective of which department each villager is from – whether it be Client Service, Creative, Planning – the bright warm tones of the light and decor create a homely feeling for all.

Open spaces where villagers connect

Harmonious Design Fosters Peace and Sharing 

The Main Hall – or Village Center – is where all the villagers congregate for ‘talks’ which range from updates about the industry to connecting villagers to celebrate and share, which is a central part of Purpose culture.

A wide airy hall for village meetings

The speakers of these ‘talks’ vary from the leadership team to entrepreneurs in their own industry/fields of interest to even the tea lady.  Everyone has their story. Through these stories we learn and understand our consumers and how they think to enrich our own understanding as we seek tirelessly to win the consumers mind and heart.

Nurturing Brand Building Entrepreneurial Mindset 

Each member of the Purpose Group operates with an entrepreneurial brand building mindset. They work tirelessly together to bring to life the best work for their brands through continuous learning and striving for excellence in all they do. That is why the environment in Purpose provides open space and separate areas for people to explore and nurture their growth mindset allowing them to ‘flow like water’ irrespective of any situation that comes their way.

The village pond

Refreshing/Stimulating Environment

Knowing we can all grow and learn from one another, the working environment in The Purpose Group embraces persons of diverse backgrounds, gender, ethnicity, age, and experience.

Working in one of the most challenging industries of today, The Purpose Group attempts to create the most comfortable and inviting ‘home’ for its talent as well as create the best environment that allows bonding within the Purpose village family.

Translation by The Purpose Group

Vietnamese version 

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Bùi Minh Phương