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    [June 02, 2020]

    The Appeal of a Real Conference and What Cannot be Obtained Via Web Conferences

    Dr. Shogo Tanaka, a professor at the Center for Liberal Arts at Tokai University explains about the impact of non-verbal…

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    [August 10, 2017]

    Seth Hanley Interview #3: Remote work is a reality but the office will survive

    The final article based on the interview with Seth Hanley focuses on the value of the office, which is under review amid…

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    [August 08, 2017]

    Seth Hanley Interview #2: Unpacking the research powers behind Blitz designs

    Office designs by Design Blitz are highly acclaimed in San Francisco. The company’s thorough research is reflected in th…

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    [July 27, 2017]

    Seth Hanley Interview #1: A small office with major clout—A close look at Design Blitz

    Today we interview Seth Hanley, Principal and Creative Director at Design Blitz in San Francisco, about the projects tha…

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    [July 07, 2017]

    A visit to the New York office of Nulab, the start-up with roots in Fukuoka

    I visited the Nulab office in New York, which is an important hub for opening up overseas markets, and spoke to local Ja…

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    [June 27, 2017]

    Primo Orpilla Interview #3: The workplace is undergoing constant change

    In the final interview with Primo Orpilla, co-founder of Studio O+A, we delve into his thoughts on the office of the fut…

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    [June 27, 2017]

    Primo Orpilla Interview #1: We speak to the Studio O+A co-founder about the starting point…

    Winners of the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Award, Studio O+A have designed corporate offices for Uber, Yelp, and Faceb…

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    [June 27, 2017]

    Primo Orpilla Interview #2: Users are crucial to good office design

    In the second part of our interview with Primo Orpilla, co-founder of Studio O+A, we look at how Studio O+A interacts wi…